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Miharashi Area


Blooming nemophilas (baby blue eyes) paint this hillside blue from late April to mid May. In about October, kochias (summer cypress) dramatically turn the hillside from green to crimson. This climactic autumn color spectacle accentuates the blooming of the cosmoses.

Suisen Garden



Tamago no Mori Flower Garden



Rose Garden



Daisogen Flower Garden

daisogen cosmos

Enjoy cycling among the poppies and linarias blooming in spring and the cosmoses blooming in autumn.

Hitachinaka Nature Forest

Hitachinaka Nature Forest

The Nature Forest is forest is in its untainted, natural state.

Kaori no Tani


Herbs, including lavender and rosemary, can be seen in all seasons.

Sakyu Garden


It’s a delight to touch the herbs and coastal flowers.

Giant “Flower Ring” Ferris Wheel

On the ferris wheel, which is a symbol of the park, you can have 12 minutes of fun in the sky! The panorama from 100 m up is splendid. If you lose your way you can work out where you are by finding the ferris wheel on this guide map.

Flower Ring

Cycling Course


This 10-km course just for bicycles is separated from the pedestrian and park-maintenance paths. Park your bike in the convenient bicycle parking area when you leave the cycling course. Visitors are welcome to bring their own bicycles. Pets are not allowed on the cycling course.
Bikes can be rented at any park entrance. (Note that the South Entrance cycling center is open on Sundays and national holidays only.)

Bicycle Rental Fee

(3 hours)
Every extra 30 min
Adults 400 yen 50 yen
Children 250 yen 20 yen

Seaside Train

seaside train

The ride around the park takes about 40 minutes, with 10 stops along the way. Get on and off as often as you like with a one-day ride pass.

  • Visitors using wheelchairs or baby strollers can fold them up and bring them along on the train.
  • One of the trains can accommodate a single visitor in a wheelchair without the need to fold or stow the chair.
  • Disabled visitors must pay to ride the train. Provided that the visitor shows official identification, one companion may ride along free of charge.
  • Pets are not allowed on the Seaside Train.

One-day Train Pass

Train Pass
(under 2years free)
500 yen

There is a discount for groups of 20 or more. Pay for your ride with cash or ride tickets, or simply show your one-day ride pass.