Japanese traditional events in Autumn


This page introduces Japanese traditional events in autumn.



It is “otsukimi” to view the full moon in the middle to late September.
It is said to be called “15th night” or “Mid autumn moon”, and it is said that you can see the most beautiful moon in a year.
We will present moon-viewing dumplings,Ohagi,Susuki(Japanese pampas grass) and so on. There are areas that decorate crops such as taro root and pear as an event to celebrate the harvest of autumn field crops.

Ohigan (The equinoctial week of the autumn)

A total of seven days before and after the autumnal equinox day in late September is called “Ohigan of the autumn”.
As well as spring, it is a custom that do a visit to a grave in remembrance of the ancestors whom there is on the equinoctial week that is the other side of the world.


“Shichi-Go-San” is a custom for appreciate the child’s healthy growth and pray for the future. Costumed three-year old boys and girls, five-year old boys, seven-year old girls will worship the Shrine. It will be performed on holidays around November 15 at various shrines in Japan.