A refreshing breeze blowing through the flowers and greenery filled city park.

Hitachi Seaside Park is located on the Pacific Ocean side of the Japanese coast, and incorporates a unique natural environment of sand dunes, forests, grasslands and springs. With a total space of 350 hectares, of which 200 hectares are open to the public, this huge spacious park is home to a variety of colorful flowers and grasses throughout the four seasons, as well as numerous other attractions, including an amusement park, large grassland, cycling and BMX tracks, a forest athletics field, BBQs surrounding by nature, and many cafes and restaurants.

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Links to Website "IBARAKI NAVI" by Ibaraki Prefectural Tourism & Local Products Association.


Drone photography is prohibited in this park.

Don't step in the garden. Please keep out of the garden fencing when taking photos.


Hitachi Seaside Park Guidebook [English]

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