Narcissus Fantasy

Late March – Mid April

Spring gorgeous Flower Relay starts with 1 million, about 550 varieties narcissus. Under soft sunlight through the day, white and yellow flowers weave like a carpet and this splendid and fantastic world spreads everywhere.

Tulip World

Mid April – Late April

The multicolored tulip world is in a gorgeous atmosphere in the Egg Forest. About 260 varieties, 270,000 cute and colorful tulips are in full bloom and invite you to the fairy tale world with a windmill and egg objects.

Nemophila Harmony

Late April – Mid May

Blue, blue and blue as far as you can see. 4.5 million Nemophila dye the whole surface of 3.5 hectare Miharashi hill to blue. The sky, the sea and the hill become blue and blend together, this panoramic scene is a masterpiece.


Tobikkiri Summer Fair!(Exceptional Summer Fair)

Mid July – Late August

Cool down in the hot summer and enjoy the park! Enjoy the soft,-fluffy green Kochia, Zinnia, sunflower, summer flowers and create memories which can only be described as perfect. Kochia is lighted up in summer night, when the color of light changes according to music, the scene will be a fantastic wolrd!


Kochia Light Up

Mid August

Kochia on lighting.


Kite,Mite,Sawatte,Kochia Carnival!(Come,See,Touch during the Kochia carnival)

Mid September – Early October

About 32,000 Kochia begin to turn red from the end of September and dye the hill, a view of deep red can be seen to from the beginning to the middle of october. During this period, various events that will whet the appetite, art and sport events are also held. Please indulge yourself in various ways one can enjoy autumn.


Ibaraki Bara Matsuri(Ibaraki Rose Festival)

Spring:Late May – Early Jun

Autumn:Early November – Mid November

About 120 varieties and a total of 3400 roses(of Ramanas rose 1,600) are blooming in the Hitachi Rose Garden, they are fragrant and gorgeous.


Pokka,Poka Winter Fair(Warming Winter Fair)

Mid December – Mid January

Winter fair hold a colorful ice tulip blooming in winter, “zodiac gigantic ground painting” as a winter poetry, a memorable New Year ceremony in the Kominka etc, and these other experiences and landscapes that your heart and body will become warm also.


Pacific art flower exhibition

Mid December – Mid February

In the Glass House overlooking the Pacific Ocean, please enjoy the gorgeous and warm winter flowers that colorful decorations of various art flowers (artificial flowers) create.