The origin of the Genus Nemophila: North America (California)
The best time to see them bloom: From mid-April to early May.

In spring, 4.5 million nemophilas (baby blue eyes) paint the 3.5-hectare Miharashi Hills light blue. The nemophilas are stunning under the blue sky against the backdrop of the Pacific Ocean. The Nemophila Harmony is the climax of the Spring Flower Sequence. The view from the top of the Miharashi Hills, 58 m above sea level, is wonderful! It’s a world of its own where the blooms, the sky, and the ocean are all blue.

Q. What is the origin of the name Nemophila?

A. Nemophila means “woodland-loving.” It comes from the Latin wordnemus, which means “grove” or “wooded glade”, and the Greek word philos, which means “loving”. I called the Japanese name “Ruri arabesque” and came to Japan in 1877. The flower has also been nicknamed “Baby Blue Eyes” due to its pretty colours and resemblance to the colour of the sky when it’s in full bloom.

Q. How does the park create its Nemophila field?

A. The first step is sowing seeds in november. After we finish sowing, we lay a pure white frost free sheet on the entire hill to protect the Nemophila from the cold. And after that we provide extensive care such as watering and removing weeds to create the blue world that resides on the hill.