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According to Destination Walking Route Guide

Cycling course

Exclusive cycling course spanning about 11 km. Cycling is highly recommended to travel around this huge park. Letユs actively explore the park!

  • When going to places other than the course, please park your bike at a nearby bicycle parking lot.
  • Bicycle rental is available, 9:30AM ~ 30 minutes before the park closes.
  • You can rent at the cycle center in the west entrance, central entrance and seaside entrance. *South entrance only on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday
  • Tandem bikes (2 seater) is required to pay for two bicycles.
  • If you bring your own bicycles you can use the cycling course free of charge.
Bicycle Rental Fee
Adults(15 years old and over) Children(Junior High School Students and under) Adults(15 years old and over)Electrically Powered Bicycle
400 yen for 3 hours; an additional 50 yen for each 30 minutes extension. 250 yen for 3 hours; an additional 20 yen for each 30 minutes extension. 600 yen for 3 hours (100 yen for each 30 minutes extension)

One can ride with cash, Norimono Ticket or Norimono One-day Free Pass.

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Seaside Train

It only takes about 35 minutes to circle the entire park, riding on the breeze with the beautiful blue sea and white sand as a backdrop! You can get on and off easily at 10 different train stations inside the park.

  • Discount for groups (minimum 20 people).
  • Strollers and wheelchair users can use it by folding their chairs,and getting on.
  • There is also a train that can be used as a wheelchair (1 train, only 1 person).
  • People with disabilities are charged as well. If you present handicap ID, if there is a person accompanying you,that personcan ride for free.
  • In the seaside train pets are prohibited.
for one person
3 years old and over are eligible to pay the fee
One-day Round Trip Ticket
One cannot use Norimono Ticket or Norimono One-day Free Pass
Regarding temporary movement of the seaside train.

In line with the spring and autumn flower season, we will operate a direct train (temporary route) from the West gate (wing gate) to Mihahashi no Oka. For details, please see signs in the Park, or HP.

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