Flower Garden

Miharashi no Oka (Miharashi Hill)・Miharashi no Sato (Miharashi Village)

Please enjoy “the landscape that exists only here” that various flowers create throughout the four seasons, with a magnificent view.

Suisen Garden (Narcissus Garden)

You can see the spectacular spring landscapes, including narcissus and peach trees Under the pine forest of 1 ha space in largest urban park.

Tamago no Mori Flower Garden (Eggs Forest Flower Garden)

There are a windmill and egg objects in the Egg Forest.The multicolored tulips are in full bloom.

Hitachi Rose Garden

The concept is “Feast of the sea breezes and roses”. Roses are the floral symbol of Ibaraki prefecture. This garden is made up of 3 areas and you can enjoy flower scenery according to the themes.