Hitachinaka Shizen no Mori (Hitachinaka Nature Forest)

This forest land was developed taking advantage of existing Japanese red pine and Japanese black pine. There are rare plants, such as “Ohumegasa grass”,which grows can also see kingfishers and other waterfowl living in the observation pond, a lot of creatures can be observed closely.

Kinen no Mori Sansakuro (Forest Path)

While walking around the miscellaneous trees, you can enjoy various flowers including bulbous plants and stems throughout the year.A basin is set up in front of the deck, you can see the appearance of a variety of birds bathing, including the japanese white-eye.

Sawada Yusuichi (Sawada Spring Water)

The stratum of this whole area becomes a layer of the sand, and alayer (sandy mudstone) difficult to pass water through underneath.It rains, and rainwater collects, and this special hierarchy begins to get water.

Sawada Yusui Nature House (Sawada Spring Water Nature House)

It is an environment learning center where you can observe the rare ecosystem of Sawada spring wetland. On saturdays, sundays and holidays every week from spring to november, we hold the “Sawada spring wetland guide tour” which can be observed in the midstream area which you can’t usually enter.

Sakyu Kansatsu Enro (Dune Garden Path)

You can observe beach plants that live vigorously under harsh conditions in the garden road where the topography and vegetation of the sand dunes facing the Pacific Ocean are left as it is.

Daisougen (Grassland)

It is a multipurpose square where you can do a variety of activities from recreation to large-scale events in an open space of about 8 ha. You can run around with your family and friends, lie down comfortably or enjoy yourself in your own way.