Play & Sports

Pleasure Garden

There are more than 25 kinds of attractions that can be enjoyed including the big Ferris wheel from which you can enjoy a view 100m above sea level. This amusement park can be enjoyed with your whole family from children to adults. *An additional vehicle fee is required.

BMX Course

This is a BMX-only authentic course. Private bicycles and protectors are rented for free. There are two courses, the main track for advanced users and the sub-track for beginners, depending on the degree of difficulty each course is widely available.

Rinkan Athletic Hiroba (Athletic Plaza in the Forest)

There are 13 kinds of athletic equipment here and there on the south side of the same forest as barbecue plaza. Each plaything has a unique name such as “dinosaur’s backwalk”, “Tarzan Fort”, “Yura-Yura bridge”. Mainly targeted to elementary school lower grades.

Pyon Pyon Tamago (Air Trampoline)

This is a fluffy trampoline in a white mountain shaped like a big egg inside “Tamago no Mori”. It is a very popular facility for children who can climb on top, skip or bounce. *Age restrictions.

Disc Golf Couse

This sport that resembles golf sense which we throw Flying discs into the basket. A disk is rented for free of charge at each gate. A total of 27 holes courses are in place between the prairie and the surrounding forests.

Mizuasobi Hiroba (Wading Pool Plaza)

It’s a limited spot in the summer when is popular among children. The water is shallow, so itユs the perfect place for your child to make its paddling debut.