Pleasure Garden

The Giant Ferris Wheel is a symbol of the Pleasure Garden, and the view from 100 m up is spectacular. You can have fun on at least 25 more rides, too! In April 2013, four see-through cars were added to the “Flower Ring” Ferris Wheel. In the Pleasure Gardens kids and adults can enjoy spending time as a family.

Flower Ring

Giant Flower Ring Ferris Wheel

Twelve minutes of fun in the sky! The panorama from 100 m up is splendid. Each car has plenty of room for 6 riders. Not to be missed!

Family Banana Coaster

Family Banana Coaster

A roller coaster for the kids to enjoy! Ride it with mom and dad!

Dabbling in the Water Plaza

Splashing around in the Water Plaza

A popular playground for the children in the summer. We have the Jabu Jabu Ponds, the Tunnel of Water, and the Fountain Plaza, which blows water out of the ground here and there! Children’s laughter fills the summer sky.



Disk-O is like a tornado! Come and try it! When evening comes, Disk-O lights up and is really beautiful.

Card Labyrinth “Gururi Forest Adventure”

Gururi Forest Adventure Card Labyrinth

Solving puzzles in the labyrinth and battling with cards, you might win a prize if you knock down the Smogs.

Shooting Ride “Salamander Legend”

Salamander Legend Shooting Ride

Hey everyone! Will you become a hero of justice? Let’s attack the Salamander with ray-guns. Be prepared for a thrilling adventure.

Family Park Golf

Family Park Golf

It’s a new, fun way to play golf! Take a swing in the great outdoors and you might hear “Nice shot!” from your friends. Aim for a hole-in-one!

Putter Golf Garden

Putter Golf Garden

Even the youngest kids can play golf here! We have four fun courses. Get ready for a challenge! You’ll get completely absorbed in playing putter golf.


Sunsun and Sunrise shops

These shops in the Pleasure Gardens sell a wide range of items, including traditional Kasama ceramic art, local products, original park souvenirs, and children’s clothing.
Note: The Sunrise shop is open only on Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays.

Tasty treats in the Pleasure Garden

Enjoy eating gourmet food in the Garden Restaurant, or grab a takeout meal or snack from Soyokaze Kitchen. The speciality snacks from Mori no Fuwafuwa Crepe Shop are hot, fluffy, and sweet. Or from Kuma-san no Castella you can snack on a bite-sized, piping-hot castella sponge cake. A snack is just the thing between rides!