Park Hours

  • 9:30–17:00 (march 1st – july 20th・september 1st – october 31th)
  • 9:30–18:00 (July 21th – August 31th)
  • 9:30–16:30 (November 1st – end of February)

Days Close / Every week Monday

※Close on Tuesday if Monday is National holiday.
※The park is closed on 12/31,1/1,and for 4 days from the first Tuesday in February through the following Friday.Please note that the park is opened everyday during the following periods:

  • Spring / March 26th – May 31th
  • Summer / July 21th – August 31th
  • Fall / October 1st – October 31th
  • Winter / December 25th – December 31th

Fees 2018.4.1〜

Visitors with babies and small children

Admission is free for children under 6yrs old. Please understand that there are height and age restrictions on some rides in the Pleasure Gerden.For small children, we recommend: Tamago no Mori, the Daisougen Glassland, the wading pool and the funky tube.

Baby Strollers and Wheelchairs are available (free)

Visitors wishing to borrow baby strollers and wheelchairs free of charge should check with park staff at any park entrance gate.

First-Aid Offices

First-Aid Offices are available at the Central Entrance, Seabreeze Entrance, and Park Administrative Office. People feeling sick or who are injured are recommended to contact park staff.

To guests with pets

We ask guests who bring their pets along to keep them on their leashes at all times and make themselves responsible for any of the animalsユ droppings.
※There are also facilities which are not permitted. Please read the notice on pets at each entrance gate in detail.

【Prohibition of bringing in goods】Bat(excluding bat made from vinyl), Remodelling bicycle, Monocycle, Roller skating, Skateboard(including Roller shoes, Kickboard,etc), Large-size tent,etc. Please inquire park office in details.