Flowering 2018, from March 24 to May 13



Flowering 2018, from March 24 to May 13

As the sunlight is getting brighter day by day, you can sense spring is just around the corner. Various kinds of flowers in Hitachi Seaside Park are ready to bloom. Narcissuses (daffodils) are the starter, and tulips and nemophila are following after them. Why don’t you visit the park and enjoy viewing colorful flowers?


Narcissus Fantasy

March 24 to April 6

With the area of 1 ha, the garden is filled with nearly 1million narcissus of 550 varieties, which are shining in sunshine coming out through the branches of pine trees. The fragrant narcissuses with noble atmosphere are really beautiful. Please enjoy the spring glory to the fullest.


Tulip World

April 7 to 20

In Tamagonomori Flower Garden, there are roughly 250,000 tulips of 250 varieties blooming vigorously. The garden has early and late type flowers of different colors and they are really pretty, which will make you feel as if you were in a world of a fairly tale.


Nemophila Harmony

April 21 to May 13

Also called baby blue eyes, nemophila flowers are small and their pedals are translucent blue color. Miharashi-no-oka hill is entirely covered with 4.5 million nemophila. You can’t help being moved with the scene looking like a blue carpet with jewels, and the entirely blue scenery creates a special world without any margin between the garden and the sky.